Drizzy Drone and Monty drone

The Drones

Thermal drones can be very helpful in search operations, especially in situations where there is low visibility or difficult terrain.

Thermal drones are equipped with thermal imaging cameras which allow them to detect heat sources from a distance.

In search and rescue operations, thermal drones can be used to locate missing animals by detecting their body heat.

Overall, thermal drones can be an invaluable tool in search and rescue operations, allowing the Drone To Home team to cover large areas quickly and efficiently, while also reducing the risk to ground searchers.

Drizzy Drone
Monty Drone
Drizzy Drone

Drone to Home use two state of the art Thermal Drones to assist in the search and rescue operations; Drizzy Drone and Monty Drone.

Drizzy Drone is a DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced which can cover a huge area of upto 4 square miles in 20 minutes.

Our recent addition Monty Drone is a Mavic 3 Thermal drone and is especially suited to search and rescue operations with its powerful thermal imaging capabilities and enhanced flight time.

Just to show how powerful thermal drones can be in a search and rescue, these two photographs of dense woodland are identical.

The top one is a regular photo taken with the camera.

The one below is a thermal image of the woodland which clearly shows two white heat sources which are dogs.



Thermal Imaging