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Phil James

Phil James


Phil is the creator of the charity Drone To Home and is passionate about all animals and helping people in their hour of need. Phil’s dedication to helping people who lose their pets is evidenced by the long hours he dedicates and not letting anything get in his way of reuniting a lost pet, especially dogs.

Phil has a long history in law enforcement, private security and has worked in over 56 Countries. Phil delivers FREE personal security talks around the East Midlands sharing his experience,tips and advice that help people protect themselves from harm or potential dog related theft.

Phil welcomes you to Drone To Home and thanks everyone who volunteers, followers, shares posts and donates to this wonderful charity.



Managing Director

Rebecca has always been passionate about helping other people in both her work and personal life and in particular when it comes to animals, as a dog lover she feels very strongly about dogs being a member of the family and not just a pet. Rebecca finds it so rewarding to help reunite dogs with their owners, after seeing the fantastic work Phil does with the thermal drone she can’t wait to fly solo and inspire more women to become involved in this wonderful charity.

Rebecca is committed to support Drone To Home and looks forward to reuniting more animals as the charity grows.




Regional Director

My name is Laura, I am the Operations Manager for Drone To Home.

Career-wise I have always worked in a role supporting families, so once I heard about DTH I knew that I wanted to become part of what they do.

I love all animals and I’m known for taking in all kinds of waifs and strays,
I have a chihuahua called Bear and a sphynx cat called Wilfred, I also have 2 rabbits and 2 tortoises.

I love being part of DTH and the great work that they do, I get such a great feeling seeing a dog reunited with its family.


My career has seen me providing a variety of help and support to members of the public at critical times in their lives.
I am also a dog owner and have had dogs pretty much all of my life.
Through personal experience I know what it’s like when your dog is lost and also the relief and joy when you are reunited.
So I am grateful of the opportunity to contribute and to be part of this team whose aim is to help, reassure and reunite people with their beloved dogs.


Why do I volunteer, My old dog and best friend was once lost on a walk with a family member. It was one of the most distressing, heartbreaking moments and l felt totally lost. A thousand horrid thoughts went through my head and l did not know what to do. Fortunately an old couple found her and we we’re reunited. At that time there was know one to go to for help but now there is.
I volunteer around my family, work and busy life to help this brilliant charity and give support to people experiencing what l did. It’s flexible and rewarding, the team are amazing at what they do and nothing is better than when a lost dog is reunited.



Hello, I’m Shelagh.
I am a real animal lover and my passion for volunteering at Drone to Home is seeing dogs reunited with their owners.
My day job is working in the NHS and out of work I like music, most things Italian, diy and going for lovely walks in the countryside with Ace, my beautiful 3 year old Patterdale Terrier, who definitely keeps me on my toes!



My name is Kevin and I am one of the drone pilots. I have the privilege of living on a narrow boat and love the outdoor life . I have been flying models since the early 70s . I have had dogs for as long as I can remember and I know how upsetting it is to lose your best friend . My dogs name is Lizzie and she has taken four years to train me up , I know who is the boss.



Hi I’m Michelle. I recently retired from the NHS after 21 years in a non clinical role. I have always been motivated by helping and supporting people. I have always had animals in my life, from being a small child “rescuing” nests of baby birds I found. We currently have a mad Sprocker Spaniel princess who is a bit of an escape artist, so I jumped at the chance to volunteer for this amazing charity and help support the owners at such a traumatic time. Ours has never been gone for long or very far but I understand that gut wrenching feeling when a very much loved family pet is missing. I have learnt so much from the team, and look forward to helping more dogs get home where they belong.


I have a fulltime job in IT account management and volunteer for Drone To Home when I can, normally weekends. I love being part of a team that helps people to be reunited with their furry family members. My old boy, Marley, and his late sister, Pixie, were my introduction to the special souls that dogs are when we adopted them as rescues in 2009. So I know how much it must mean to have somewhere to turn when you lose one of them❤



Hello my name is Helen, I have had a variety of jobs from working for a large department store and a well known drink’s manufacturer to owning my own business. I have always loved all animals but especially dogs. I did think long & hard before becoming a volunteer for Drone to Home as I wasn’t sure if I would be able to help a distressed person on the phone who had lost their dog. You do get emotionally involved in each phone call you take and you share the owners joy when you’ve helped to reunite dog & owner. As a new volunteer I am really looking forward to helping more owners find their happy endings with this amazing charity.



I’ve been an animal lover for as long as I can remember, and I’ve wanted to work with animals since I was young.

Whilst my career didn’t take me that way, and after hearing about Drone To Home and the idea of using thermal drones in this way, I just knew I wanted to be a part of it.

I’m very proud to be a part of the Drone To Home team and getting to support owners in their time of need. I’ve got my own furry trouble makers – Cookie the Frug and Waffle the Pug, and who knows who else I’ll add to the grumble!


Im Naomi. I am a final year student Veterinary Nurse. Fingers crossed, I will be a fully qualified RVN by summer 2024! I have always loved animals and have always felt so much more comfortable around animals than humans. My mum, Sarah, volunteers for DTH too. She will certainly remember the many stray feral cats I’d turn up at home with. I also took a Husky puppy home once that I saw advertised for free on a selling page. I was terrified she’d end up in the wrong hands. When I’m not working or volunteering, I’m with my 4 year old little boy. He is also an animal lover and seems to attract birds. I came downstairs to a random chicken in the lounge once!
I’m excited to be part of DTH and to help get dogs home and safe where they belong.



Tracker specialist

Martin is a local business man who has enjoyed many years of working home and abroad. It was a dream come true when Travis, a handsome black Labrador puppy joined the family in 2019.

From day one Martin has been working with Travis, playing sniff and find games and they now make an excellent team.

If you see them out and about please stop them and say hello …Travis loves a fuss!

Both Martin and Travis are excited and proud to be able to put their skills to good use in supporting the valuable work of Drone to Home.

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Drone To Home Team.

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