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Drizzy went missing at 11pm on Friday 15th April from a family members house in Bilborough, we were out looking until 4am before heading out the next day and contacting Phil after many recommendations. From that day Phil kept in touch daily giving us advice on what to do next and used his thermal drone to scout the nearby area.

For 6 days we hammered social media with Drizzy’s picture to make her well known to all of the areas and get her picture out as much as possible. 

Phil and his team were searching daily for Drizzy and any sightings had them patrolling the area in hope it was her, in the 6 days she was missing we were completely heartbroken and was sure none of the sightings were actually Drizzy herself, Phil kept us calm and checked in on us and made the distressing situation much more bareable.

Wednesday 20th April 7am we got a message on Facebook from a family friend that had said her husband had spotted a dog on a building site in Wollaton with a large wound on her neck but they were unable to catch her and the machinery had scared her off to the new builds on the site.

Taking no chances we headed up to the building site and spoke with the man who had spotted her, he took us round to where she’d ran off and in the dark alleyway we caught a glimpse of our beautiful girl looking very sad and skinny.

We are unsure how long she was on the building site as we a worker had seen her asleep in one of the gardens that morning, with limited CCTV in the area we cannot confirm what we think may have happened but we can only be thankful she is back in her safe place – her home.

It was only from the help of Drone to Home and the thousands of followers that the sighting had been confirmed as the wife showed her husband Drizzy’s posts and photos not from our timelines ourselves but from all of the shares from everyone that has followed Drizzy’s Journey! 

We can’t thank Phil enough for everything he has done for us and how much he does for the community with this amazing Charity, we need more Phil James’ in This world and supporting this charity will do just that. Our dogs are our best friends and Drone to home is our Guardian Angel.


We are well an truly thankful for everything!



When the worse possible happens you realise how many good and lovely people are there for you. However, I never would have imagined people who didn’t know me or my cute little best friend Archie, my cockapoo, to give up their spare time and walk the streets of Arnold in the rain.

All of the volunteers from Drone to Home have been kind and caring and fantastic and I can never thank them all enough.

Thank you for all your words of experience, support and kindness. I’ll always be grateful for you helping me get our boy back.



I was devastated when my beloved dog Monty, a miniature wire-haired dachshund, went missing in Nottingham in February.

Within hours of his disappearance, I was enormously grateful to receive the support of Phil and his charity, ‘Drone to Home’.

From the outset, Phil dedicated countless hours and employed all of his experience and expertise into helping reunite me with Monty.


He worked tirelessly on the search project, helped ensure the information about his disappearance was quickly and wildly circulated, and helped mobilise an incredible group of kind and compassionate volunteers.


The drone he operated daily was, of course, central to the task. But Phil was instrumental in providing regular updates on potential sightings, identifying new search areas to cover, and providing advice to volunteers on approaching Monty should he make an appearance.


Despite Monty having been missing for over a fortnight in a very unfamiliar and potentially hazardous location, Phil’s determination and optimism to find him never dwindled, giving me and the team of volunteers the motivation to keep up the search.


I want to thank each and every person who contributed to and supported the search for Monty, particularly the security guards at the site he was found. My most special thanks however must go to Phil and Drone to Home. I am certain that without their support, I would likely never have been reunited with Monty, who is now recovering well from his experience on the run!


I would wholeheartedly recommend ‘Drone to Home’, to anyone suffering the misfortune of losing their beloved pet. I’m proud to support this fantastic charity and would encourage other animal lovers to consider doing the same.


Forever thankful for your expertise and tireless dedication.

Monty’s owner

Our two whippets ran off last week and we’re found 6 hours later thanks to the brilliant advice given to me by Kim who picked up the phone when I called. I aged about 10 years in those few hours I can tell you!! But Kim was on the end of the phone checking in and texting me all the time. It was a huge support.

I followed all the instructions that were given and as if by magic someone saw them and called me.

I feel for every dog owner who goes through what we did and have no hesitation in recommending Done to Home. They deserve a medal.




When Carly my stepdaughter’s spaniel went missing I was out of my mind! I honestly thought we was never going to find her after a long slog the first day looking! Then Phil contacted myself and offered his help using his drone, I was blown away by his kindness and dedication to find Carly. Through the whole time she was missing Phil provided amazing support, helped keep me calm and did everything he could in order for Carly to be found safely.

Phil even kept in contact with my partner who had to work during the day and helped keep him calm and reassured him! On day 3 Phil found her and I was so ecstatic! He kept Carly safe and warm and gave her some food while he waited for me to get to where she was found. He gained her trust in order to get her on a lead and she seemed so relieved that she was found! I can honestly say if your dog is missing Phil is your guy! He honestly goes above and beyond to help find your pooch and his emotional support is top notch! Thankyou so much Phil!

Shannon, Mike, Hermione and of course Carly!




Cannot thank drone to home enough! Amazing service with the best possible outcome for our dog Max! Kim and Phil were life savers, very informative! Highly recommend this amazing service!




We are so unbelievably grateful for your help in finding Pebbles this afternoon.

We literally would not have her home now if it wasn’t for your help. Fantastic advice and kept updated throughout. We have two very happy boys now. Thank you



We were frantic when our flat coat Dug had a fit and then leapt the garden wall in panic and disappeared.

He was missing overnight with sightings 5 miles away and then closer. Kim was so lovely and supportive, constantly in touch with advice and concern.

Phil and Rebecca came out the next morning with their drones and immediately took to the surrounding fields to help the search. He was eventually found exhausted in the middle of a field a couple of miles away.

The team were brilliant. All of them instantly became our friends. We were so lucky to find him and he is flat out sleeping it off now after chicken and rice and a quick trip to the vets.

I can’t thank you enough xx

These people are beyond amazing! if it wasn’t for these incredible people and the community who support these, we would have never have got our girl back.

They went above and beyond for us and our dog at all times of the day and night and never gave up. They put eveything they had into finding our dog like the dog was their own and this was a very complicated situation, not just a missing dog for a few hours, they searched in their own time and helped us constantly over a few days, that shows you how incredible they are and the work they do.

From the bottom of our hearts THANK YOU x



I attended one of Phil’s safety talks last year at burton Joyce , his presentation was excellent and his tips on personal safety were invaluable as recently I was In a situation whilst out walking with my two Labradors when I was approached by a complete stranger in an attempt to take my dogs away ,thankfully it was a failed attempt as I was very quick to react and was aware of my surroundings completely which enabled me to react as quickly as I did … after contacting the police I also contacted Phil to give him details which he posted on his drone to home page as he has many followers this was the best way to make others aware and to be vigilant so thanks Phil 

Louisa ????????????

Harry Boyes

Harry Boyes


Drone to Home helped reunite me with my lost dog by giving me the guidance I needed at the most crucial point in his recovery. I am truly grateful that they were prompt and ready to help out when we were in need

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